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Category Archives: iPad

Ever since I made the decision to return to the classroom, and Gaston, I’ve been contemplating the purchase of an iPad.  My motivation is twofold:

1) With the amount of papers I organized daily on my clipboard, I wonder if the iPad (with it’s inclusion of Numbers, Pages and Keynote) is a quicker, more efficient, and lighter way to do all this.

2) I LOVE thinking about how we can teach our kids the newest technological skills, as well as use technology to teach our kids in an innovative way.  It’s hard to do this without having the newest tools, yeah?

Or maybe these are just my excuses to play with the coolest new toys on the market…

Either way, I finally bit the bullet and my iPad has been officially purchased.  Sadly they were out of stock at the store so I won’t be receiving it until literally a day before I move.

Some of the things I most excited about…

  • Using Numbers to organize basic grades, missing assignments, homework completion, my daily action plan, etc.
  • While having class discussions being able to quickly look up facts and pictures.  Pictures will be a great tool for visual learners when we’re doing readings and names/places pop up.  We can use Google Image search or Google maps to put a picture to an event or person.  Having the flexibility to do this anywhere in the room is a huge plus of the iPad, especially when you want to get students out of their desks.
  • Quick access to YouTube videos or video podcasts to accompany a lesson.

Some of my concerns…

  • How hard will it be to manage documents between a work computer (PC), personal computer (Mac) and now an iPad?
  • How can I get students using it, as much as possible, without risking damage?
  • How do I find meaningful ways to integrate it into a lesson as opposed to ‘gimicky’ ways?
  • Will I be able to purchase my class textbooks from iBooks?  So far I’ve only found one…
  • I’ve already bought a collection of books to use in class- will I need to repurchase all of them for my iPad as well if I want to use that for reading/highlighting/notetaking instead?
  • How long will it take to finally be able to comment on books on the iPad?
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if I could wirelessly connect it to an LCD and run keynote from my iPad?  Not sure how long it will take until that’s possible…
  • Printing.  Rumor has it this will be fixed in the next software update, but it’s hard to know when that will be.

I’ll keep you posted when I start using it!