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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Thanks to Pedro from KIPP Team Academy, I’ve stumbled upon one of the best tech integration resources I’ve found yet. This website, called School 2.0, is a predesigned plan for schools of the future.

The website contains a free complete toolkit with a TON of resources to help you begin implementing in your own classroom, but also to help get your school leader and other teachers on board. There’s even reflection activites to help team members identify where they stand now in terms of technology, and where there’s room to grow. There’s team development activities meant to help facilitate the conversations schoolwide so actual implementation can begin.

Your school might not be ready for all this at once, but at the very least it can help you clarify your own visions for your classroom, and help to begin conversations schoolwide.


Just discovered this awesome resource online. It’s a huge collection of pre-made PowerPoints that you can adapt to your specific lesson/unit/objective, or use as is.

Check it out 🙂