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I’m sitting here in Travis C where Kim and I have presented for the past two days, thinking about all that’s happened so far. I can’t explain to you the drastic shift I’ve seen this year in terms of technology and KIPP. In order to attempt an explanation, it helps to think back on my first and second years at the Summit.

The first year in New Orleans I was just beginning my first year of teaching, and was placed in a tech position. I desperately looked through the event calendar hoping to find sessions giving me something (anything really) to work with. I had no idea what I was doing and desperately wanted resources from more experienced tech teachers. By the end of the week I had found ONE other tech teacher. And not a single tech session.

Fast forward to year two in Phoenix. There I sat through two Bus-Ops sessions only because they had the word technology in the title. Turns out they had nothing to do with teaching or my classroom. Beyond that there was nothing. I met two other tech teachers, and also lucked out with meeting up with Ignacio that year, which gave me someone willing to indulge me in my growing excitement about Technology and KIPP.

Now here we are, year three, in San Antonio. While no longer teaching at GCP, my vision for KIPP and how technology needs to play a role hasn’t changed. The planning team this year for Summit is incredible, and was super receptive to our ideas for Tech workshops. As a result we got to present four tech workshops, and there are two more on the agenda for later in the week. There’s a tech roundtable tomorrow, and I’ve met over 10 tech teachers/facilitators! While I’m still overwhelmed by what needs to be done, through teaching I’ve also learned the importance of recognizing growth to be as significant as achievement.

And boy are we growing šŸ™‚


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