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While I recognize that this is a KIPP blog, I also recognize that many KIPP teachers come from a Teach for America background (myself included). So on that note I can’t help but put in a plug for my most recent reading. Received a book in the mail this morning from my grandparents called “Relentless Pursuit; A Year in the Trenches With Teach for America”, by Donna Foote. Began it this evening and it’s incredible how dead on it is with everything from Institute to the cycle of a first-year teacher. This author has clearly lived the life of TFA teachers, and it’s refreshing to read as someone who has tried relentlessly to explain to both family and friends what it is that TFA, and KIPP, are all about.

Highly recommended from what I’ve read so far. Will keep you posted as I continue to read…


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  1. I read an excerpt of this book in US News World Report. Is the author a TFA alum? I wasn’t clear about that because I thought she was just a reporter reporting on TFA teachers. I wonder how the TFA offices take this book because you know they’re really careful about having things published, at least while you’re a corp member. One of our corps members sort of got in trouble for having a reporter follow him around. It’s in the Daily Oregonian if you want to read about it online. Anyways, thanks for the little words for value. This is tough…

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