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I just discovered Google Earth about a month ago and was FASCINATED! One of the most fun parts of being a tech teacher is playing around with all the new free things I discover online. This was an awesome one. However, not teaching science made it more difficult for me to figure out exactly how it can be used as an educational tool in a science classroom.

This morning I discovered this recent post on one of my favorite blogs, ‘The Tech Savvy Educator’. Would be really helpful to all you science teachers, as it has a TON of great resources and ideas, as well as some cool science blogs/websites. Check it out!



  1. Hi there! I just read your post on my blog…Nice to connect with you and see that you, too, are forging into web 2.0 technologies in the classroom. Google Earth is super – have you checked out Google Maps? Your students can actually make their OWN maps, and pinpoint DATA (pix, stats, etc) on the map. Pretty cool stuff. As for the social networks, check our, and join, and be my “friend” (please)! Its a great community of educators like us where we can share and get our questions answered.
    Keep me posted! (What age level are you teaching and where?)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post! Flattered that you’re sharing it with others 🙂 If you type in Google Earth in the search box on my blog, you’ll find a lot more resources. Once you really start playing around with the layers, you’ll never run out of ideas on how to use GE.

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