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smartboard-cartoon.jpgSo, I’ve recently heard through the grapevine that there are several KIPP schools out there who have been lucky enough to receive SmartBoard donations (or have even purchased them), and they’re sitting around in boxes waiting to be used! While this makes my heart cry a little bit, I can also relate to why that might be happening…

Last year my SmartBoard was basically a fancy white space to project my LCD on. That’s right, it wasn’t even plugged into my laptop for almost 3 months!!! I cringe thinking about it now, as actually mounting and plugging it in has revolutionized my life, not to mention my students’. Now that it’s on the wall, that kid at computer 10 can no longer hide behind it (only those who actually visited my closet of a classroom last year can appreciate that), and I have the privilege of getting to play around with it daily 🙂 In fact, I’m still finding fun and new ways to keep myself entertained in class.

But the bottom line is I can definitely understand how overwhelming it seems to try and attack that project, especially if you already feel pulled in too many directions. So here are a couple posts to help you get it set up (how to plug it in, how the pens and erasers work, how to align it, etc.), download the software, find the MANY resources that are available online, and most importantly how to get your kids using it!!!

Each is labeled with which one of those it focuses on, so if you already know the basics you can skip ahead to which would be most helpful for you. If yours is collecting dust somewhere, I suggest starting at the beginning…


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  1. I can totally relate. I have had a smartboard in my room and have used it in similar ways to what you did. In fact, I use it more for driver’s ed than for my English class. 🙂

    The frustrating part is that I also have two more boards in my department that are not really in the department. They are yet to be unpacked! Bummer.

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