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While SmartBoards are fun to look at and touch, without Notebook Software, you’re missing a whole lot of what they have to offer. Notebook software is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, and is a program to help you create multimedia presentations that can then be presented using the SmartBoard. So, first you want to start by downloading it. It’s totally free, and can be found on the SmartBoard website. It can be downloaded by anyone, but I believe you are supposed to have a SmartBoard in your possession to legally be using it, but I’m not sure on that one (never bothered looking into it since I have a SmartBoard, but if you’re concerned you might want to check before you download it, or start using it extensively). They have both the Windows and Mac version which is awesome 🙂

Once you’ve downloaded it you’re set to start creating lessons/presentations that perfectly complement your SmartBoard’s capabilities. I’m going to include some features that I love below, but I recommend first checking out this part of their website. Here they have a huge database of already made Notebook lessons, organized by Subject, Grade, and even state curriculum objectives. Any of these can be viewed for inspiration, used exactly as found, or opened and edited to match your class’s needs. EVERYONE should check this out even if you don’t have a SmartBoard… there are tons of lesson/presentation ideas on a lot of what we teach, so it’s a great place to find resources. So CHECK IT OUT!


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  1. I can already see that this is going to be a very informative and thought-provoking blog. Great posts so far! To comment briefly on your last post, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said tech literacy has to be integrated into ALL subject areas. These are skills students need to learn and develop in order to be smart, productive and responsible technology “users”. I will be interested in reading about some of the exciting things you are doing with technology in your classroom.

    BTW – I do believe in order to have “rights” to Notebook software your school must own at least one Smartboard. To reiterate what you said, a teacher without a Smartboard should certainly check the usage rights…

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